A full-service provider for your long-term branded goods needs.

Welcome to IDX Brands.

In the more than 30 years since its founding, IDX has grown exponentially in products, services, employees, and culture.

We provide limitless product types and imprint styles for promotional items, employee uniforms, onboarding kits, corporate gifts, and much more.

But we are just getting started. Our vision is to be the best manufacturer of branded goods in the world.

From idea to design to completion, every task begins and ends with talented people empowered to create the best work everyday.

The 5 C’s

These are the principles that drive us, guide us, and unite us. 
Craftsmanship: We strive for perfection in every product and service we offer.
Constant Integrity: We never prioritize profit over doing the right thing.
Customer Obsession:
We use your feedback to shape our products, systems, and processes. 
Constructive Communication: Creativity and teamwork thrive on positivity.
Curious Innovation: Our products, processes, and customer experience can always be improved.

We support our community.

Besides delivering a premium product and service, we also support local and nationwide non-profits that make our community a better place. 

Get Started with IDX

Our expert customer service team is ready to schedule a discovery call with you. We can learn more about your business, goals, and upcoming branded goods needs.