Building A Promotional Products Marketing Strategy

Here at IDX, we believe in a focus on our client’s long-term marketing strategy. We don’t just take orders and print shirts: we work as an agency and partner with our clients to help them achieve their marketing goals. We will walk you through this strategic process during onboarding, but here is a great summary to get you started.


Company Goals

Marketing campaigns should be deployed to help the company succeed in its long-term vision. Most of the time, that’s growth. But more specifically, hire from certain specialties, advance in new geographic markets, or develop new products. Promotional merchandise might very well be a great strategy for all of those.


Marketing Goals

Besides hitting general growth metrics, the marketing department is usually making plans to explore new mediums, adjust brand messaging, book events, and come up with more ad creative. Keep high quality, market-specific promotional products in mind during these brainstorming meetings.


Target Market

Think about simple products that your target market frequently uses (or would find useful). Fitness enthusiasts would enjoy a drawstring gym bag or a visor. Networkers might put a stick-on business card holder on the back of their phones. Seniors could keep a warning whistle around their neck in case of a fall. Wouldn’t you want to be the brand that potentially saves the life of a consumer?


Complementary Marketing

A company is often in the midst of multiple ongoing marketing campaigns. Take a moment to review your current projects, and see if promotional products could serve as an appropriate “add-on.” The most common synergy is with trade shows and events. But if you’re shipping a new product, what about a “bonus tool” that could be included in each package?


Timelines and budget

As your long-term business partner, IDX appreciates an in-depth discussion about your timeline and budget. The more time we have to prepare, the better product and fulfillment service you receive. We also respect your budgetary needs, and can offer multiple options if you are flexible or simply find the best possible product within your limit.